New Publications on Queer Québec

A new initiative offers offers important perspectives on Queer Québec.

Dear friends and colleagues in Canadian Studies: 

I’m very happy and honored to share the announcement of the publication of a series of special issues and dossiers on a Queer Québec, which I co-edited with my colleague Denis Provencher.  We would be pleased if you shared this announcement in your networks and circles.  
Here:  the Table of Contents for the latest issue of Contemporary French Civilization (CFC) Vol 43.3-4 (2018) on Queer Québec:
Please note that this CFC issue is the third dossier on this particular theme.  The two previous dossiers were published in the journal, Québec Studies, Volume 60 (2015) and Volume 61 (2016):
We are very pleased to note that, with these 3 special issues and dossiers, 18 new pieces of scholarship are now circulating on a Queer Québec. 
Best wishes and bonne lecture!  
Charles Batson
Prof., French and Francophone Studies
Pres., American Council for Québec Studies
Dept. of Modern Langs and  Lits
Union College
Schenectady, NY 12308