New Course on Canada for 2019/20!

The Honours undergraduate course will be organised around the theme of 'Diversities: Canada and Beyond'.

The course will run on Tuesdays 2-4 pm in Semester 2, using the existing Contemporary Issues in Sociology (SCIL10080) course.

Here's the course blurb:

Diversities: Canada and Beyond

Multiculturalism was invented in Canada as a way to recognise the cultural diversity of its immigrant communities, and in doing so, distinguished itself from the United States’ ‘melting pot’. This course takes this as a starting point to critically explore the ways in which Canada has responded to its societal diversity: its troubling relationship with indigenous First Nations and Métis, demands for national recognition for Québec and for French language rights across Canada, and calls for recognition and equality from women and LGBTQ communities, and the consequences of immigration and wider processes of post/decolonial. The course will draw on theory, such as that of Charles Taylor and Will Kymlicka, which often directly engages with these Canadian questions, as well as practice, which compares the Canadian experience with that of the United States and Europe.

If you have any questions about the course, please email the course convener, Dr James Kennedy