Congratulations to Luke Flanagan, PhD

Luke Flanagan was awarded his PhD at the July 6 Graduation Ceremony. Luke's thesis is entitled The Political Union Debate in Canada's Maritime Provinces, 1960-1980: Why Did a Union Not Happen?

The thesis develops an important analysis of the way Canada’s Maritime provinces considered and studied the potential for a Maritime Union in Canada but also decided against this course of action. It focuses on the Maritime Union Study (MUS), established in 1968 by the Maritime premiers to investigate the union question. The thesis argues that the MUS was a critical juncture because it presented the Maritime premiers with choices for political change, including its main recommendation: the establishment of a political union.

Drawing on path dependence theory the thesis shows that change is not the default outcome of a critical juncture. If change is viable, considered but not ultimately selected it is no less a critical juncture than those which produce enduring change. On a broader level, the thesis gives an indication as to the difficulty of political amalgamations between constitutionally protected entities within established federal states.