Roundtable with Professor Michael Ignatieff

Roundtable with Professor Michael Ignatieff
Hosted by: Dr Liliana Riga # UoE
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7th Jun 2016 10:00 - 7th Jun 2016 12:00
IASH Seminar Room

Students are invited to join Professor Michael Ignatieff for an informal roundtable discussion following his Edinburgh Fulbright lecture, 'The Crisis of Universal Value and the return of the Sovereign'. Moderation will be led by SSPS Doctoral students Daniel Cetrà and Marie-Eve Hamel.  The event is hosted by Dr Liliana Riga (Sociology), with support from the Centre of Canadian Studies.


The European refugee crisis challenges the hopeful narrative Europeans have tried to believe since the end of the Cold War: that the nations of Europe are drawing ever closer together: that the developed world can partner with the developing world to build shared prosperity: that human right and internal law will steadily improve the protection of the stateless and the desparate. As razor wire goes up along Europe's southern frontier, a darker narrative is emerging: that the sovereign must protect citizens against strangers: that the nation, not the continent is the true home of citizens: and that citizens in the developed world must protect its economies from migrants, refugees and strangers.