Nunavut's Fourth Mandate

Nunavut's Fourth Mandate: 2013-2018
Speaker: Dr Robert B. Carson # Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Intergovernmental Affairs Government of Nunavut)
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Date and Time
23rd Jan 2014 17:00 - 23rd Jan 2014 18:30
Seminar Room 3, Chrystal Macmillan Building

In the first 100 days of Nunavut’s fourth mandate, questions arise afresh whether the "vision" of Nunavut which was captured in the 1993 Nunavut Land Claim Agreement is within reach, blurred, or worse, an unattainable dream. Mr. Carson considers whether

    • twenty years after that Land Claim Agreement,
    • fifteen years after the formation of Nunavut, and,
    • five years after Canada’s "Northern Strategy",

there are really three visions of Nunavut’s future, and expresses concern that, with limited resources –human, financial, infrastructure—there are too many unresolved issues for three governments to be working in different directions or pursuing different priorities. Is it time for a Nunavut Summit to focus the territorial and federal governments, and Inuit organizations on a common vision?

The presentation will describe three [Inuit organizations, territorial and federal] visions for Nunavut, look at socio-economic priorities for the next mandate, and suggest the first draft of a communique that could emerge from a political meeting of the Prime Minister, the Premier and the President of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. on a common vision for Nunavut for the next five years.