Visiting Scholars 2011-2012

Academic University Department Research Area(s)
Patrik Marier University of Concordia Department of Political Science

Dr. Marier is Canada Research Chair in Comparative Public Policy at Concordia University in Montréal.

Dr Marier's expertise lies in public administration and public policy and challenges resulting from an ageing population. His publications have focused primarily on the role of social partners and the civil service in transforming the welfare state in Canada, Europe and Latin America. He has published in various international academic journals such as West European Politics, Journal of European Public Policy, Governance and the American Journal of Political Science. He is also the author of Pension Politics: Consensus and Social Conflicts in Ageing Societies (Routledge).

While in Edinburgh, Dr. Marier will be completing a book on how Canadian provinces are planning to adapt their policies and practices with an aging population.

Dr. Marier is also working on multiple projects related to pension reforms in Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Brenda O'Neill University of Calgary Department of Political Science Professor O'Neill's research expertise lies in the areas of gender and political behaviour, gender and public opinion, civic engagement, and youth engagement.

Some of Professor O'Neill's recent publications include "Her Mother's Daughter? The Influence of Childhood Socialization on Women's Political Engagement" in The Journal of Women, Politics and Policy (with Elisabeth Gidengil and Lisa Young); "The Media's Role in Shaping Canadian Civic and Political Engagement" in Policy and Society; and "Gender and Political Party Leadership in Canada" in Party Politics (with David Stewart).

Professor O'Neill is a Fellow of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit at Goldsmiths College, University of London and during the 2010/2011 academic year was a Fellow at the University of Calgary Institute for the Humanities.

While at the University of Edinburgh, Professor O'Neill will be conducting research on the role that feminism and religious beliefs play in shaping contemporary Canadian women's political behavior and opinions. The study will employ both focus group and survey data recently collected from women in Canada.

Christine Ramsay University of Regina

Media Production and Studies

Christine Ramsay is the past Chair of Media Production and Studies at the University of Regina where her research is in the areas of Canadian cinema, masculinities in contemporary cultures, and the culture of small cities.

Professor Ramsay's publications include: Making It Like A Man: Canadian Masculinities in Practice (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2011) and Mind the Gap: Saskatchewan Cultural Spaces (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 2012). She is the past president of the Film Studies Association of Canada, past chair of the Regina Arts Commission, co-chair of Regina's Arts Action Inc., and currently serves on the editorial boards of Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, and Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies.

Professor Ramsay is currently working on the culture of Regina as a small Canadian city and would be be pleased to share this research.

While at the University of Edinburgh Professor Ramsay will be working on a book length project on Canadian auteur David Cronenberg, entitled the Double and David Cronenberg, and on a curatorial project on the art/film installations of Atom Egoyan. She is interested in presenting this research and making links with the University's graduate programme: Film in the Public Space.

David Stewart University of Calgary Department Political Science

David Stewart is Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary and has recently served as department chair. Has taught at seven universities in the four western Canadian provinces. Joined the University of Calgary in the summer of 2005. David has an extensive teaching record in Canadian politics at both the undergraduate and graduate level and has frequently served as a media commentator on Canadian politics.

Professor Stewart's research interests focus on Canadian politics and relate mainly to political parties, leadership selection processes, provincial party systems, parliamentary government, and political realignment. He would be happy to share his research on any of these subjects with groups within the University and more broadly within the UK.

Dr Stewart's research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Party Politics, Canadian Political Science Review and Publius. He is co-author of Conventional Choices: Parties and Leadership Selection in the Maritimes (nominated for the Smiley Prize) and Quasi-Democracy?: Parties and Leadership Selection in Alberta.

While at the University of Edinburgh Professor Stewart will be completing a book manuscript on Alberta politics. It will focus on democracy in a one-party dominant system.

Ailsa Watkinson University of Regina

Faculty of Social Work

Ailsa Watkinson is Professor of Social Work at the University of Regina. Her research covers a wide range of issues associated with human rights. For over 15 years she has worked with the Elizabeth Fry Society, an organisation that works with and on behalf of criminalized women.
Professor Watkinson is currently working on a book that will detail the history of childhood in Canada regarding child physical punishment. The book is a follow up to her legal challenge that used the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to test the Canadian law that allows parents, teachers and others acting in their place to use force on children to correct them.

Professor Watkinson is also researching the prevalence of faith - based public service providers in Canada and elsewhere. Her focus is on the extent and regulation of religiosity within the provision of services and the question of whether this is a violation of religious freedom and other equality rights. Professor Watkinson is interested in working with other in the UK on this issue.

While at the University of Edinburgh Professor Watkinson will be focusing on the completion of her book on the history of childhood in Canada.