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Canadian Studies

The Centre of Canadian Studies is internationally recognised as the lead centre for Canadian Studies in the UK.

A unique interdisciplinary perspective on North America

The Centre of Canadian Studies at Edinburgh is a lively hub for interdisciplinary research.  
Located in Scotland’s leading School of Social and Political Science, the Centre’s graduate programmes provide opportunities to develop research projects that:

  • Focus directly on Canada, or
  • Situate Canada in relation to broader research on the Arctic, Scotland, the UK, Europe, North America, and developing regions.

Our research expertise includes:
Indigenous Studies Canadian Politics
International Relations Language Politics
Multilevel Governance Diaspora Studies
Deliberative Democracy Transatlantic Cultures
International Development Comparative Public Policy
Constitutional Law Social Movements
Nationalism Sustainable Development


Our interdisciplinary approach provides opportunities for joint supervision with experts in:
Politics and International Relations History
Social Anthropology Human Geography
Social Policy Literature
Sociology Cultural Studies
Law Scottish Studies
African Studies South Asian Studies


Research Councils and External Benefactors

Centre activities are currently supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Foundation for Canadian Studies in the UK.

Explore Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies at Edinburgh offers you a unique interdisciplinary perspective on North America.

Canadian Studies enables research supervision with an interdisciplinary team of international experts.

Staff and Research
Our staff are recognised globally for Social Sciences, Humanities and Geosciences research.

Centre Events
The Centre hosts a range of public lectures, research seminars and conferences.

Visiting Scholars Programme
Applications are invited for our non-stipendary Visiting Scholars programme.

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